Monday, November 7, 2016 

12:00   Lunch and Registration

14:00   Małgorzata Kujawińska (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)

           Opening address

14:10   Joost Batenburg (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica)

           Welcome by the EXTREMA COST Action 



14.30   Alessia Cedola (CNR)

           Biomedical applications of X-ray tomography

15:00   Rajmund Mokso (Lund Univ.)

           Challenges and opportunities in time resolved imaging in life science

15:30   Shelley Rawson (Univ. of Manchester, UK)

           Multiscale 3D analysis using X-ray CT and serial sectioning for life science applications

16:00   Coffee Break

16:30   Arpad Marinovszki (Univ. of Antwerp)

           Flexible 3D and 4D X-ray tomography with the ASTRA toolbox

17:00   Andrew Kingston (The Australian National Univ.) 

           X-ray tomography activity in the Australian National University

19:00   Social meeting at Old Town Warsaw


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

9:00     Julia Herzen (TU Munich)

           Biomedical x-ray phase-contrast imaging

9.30     Martin Burger (Munster Univ.)

           Variational reconstruction methods for biomedical imaging 

10:00   Jan Sijbers (Univ. of Antwerp)

           Superresolution reconstruction of magnetic resonance images

10:30   Coffee Break

11.00   Tomasz Kozacki (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)

           Optical diffraction tomography for biomedical microstructures: problems and solutions 

11.30   Przemysław Wachulak (Military Univ. of Technology)

           Extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray microscopes based on laser – plasma sources and their applications

11:45   Daniil Kazantsev (Univ. of Manchester) 

           STSM testimonial

12:00   Chiara Gramaccioni (Univ. of Calabria)

           STSM testimonial

12:15   Lunch and Poster Session



13:30   Robert Banasiak (Lodz Technical Univ.)

           Recent developments in soft field process tomography

14:00   Murat Tutkun (Institute for Energy Technology)

           Industrial applications of tomographic process monitoring (monitoring of fluid/gas flows)

14:30   Saba Mylvaganam (Univ. College of Southeast Norway)

           Multiphase flow studies with tomometric techniques for identifying flow regimes

15:00   Poster Session

15:45   MC meeting

19:30   Conference dinner


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

9:00    Andre Bieberle (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)

           Tomography of experimental thermal fluid dynamics

9:30     Tomasz Rymarczyk (Netrix S.A.)

           Numerical algorithms, measurement systems and practical applications in electrical and process tomography

10:00   Achim Mester (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)

           Orthogonal signals for increased accuracy of portable electromagnetic induction system

10:15   Jacek Kryszyn, Waldemar Smolik (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)

           Electrical capacitance tomograph EVT4

10:30   Coffee Break

11.00   Przemysław Wróblewski (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)

           The report on the progress of work on a new magnetic particle spectroscope

11.15   Zdenko Zaprazny (Slovak Academy of Sciences)

           High quality crystal optics for x-ray imaging and tomography

11.30   Peter Gritzmann (TU Munich)

           On grain reconstruction

11.45   Andreas Alpers (TU Munich)

           Dynamic discrete tomography

12.00   Mariusz Rząsa, Ewelina Łukasiewicz (Opole Univ. of Technology)

           The use of x-ray to determine the density of materials

12.15   Jan Sijbers (University of Antwerp)

           Closing address

12.30    Lunch



P1        Martin Donnay*,  Lucia Mancini (*Univ. of Lorraine, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste)

            Structure - Properties Relationship of Porous Polymer Membranes Used in Medical Implants

P2        Tomasz Kowaluk (Warsaw University of Technology)

            Methods of Verifying the Accuracy of Industrial Ct Scanners

P3        Tomasz Rymarczyk, Przemysław Adamkiewicz, Paweł Tchórzewski, Karol Duda, Jan Sikora (Netrix S.A.)

            Inverse Problem in Image Reconstruction Using Partial Obstacle Measurements

P4        Tomasz Rymarczyk, Jakub Szumowski, Przemysław Adamkiewicz, Karol Duda, Konrad Niderla, Jan Sikora (Netrix S.A.)

            Process Tomography Quality System - Measurements and Reconstructions

P5        Tomasz Rymarczyk, Przemysław Adamkiewicz (Netrix S.A.)

            Image Segmentation by Topological Algorithms in E-Medicus Application

P6        Michał Dudek,  Małgorzata Kujawińska (Warsaw Univ. of Techn.)

            Optical Phase Tomography System for Studies of Technical Microobjects

P7        Przemysław Adamkiewicz (Netrix S.A.)

            Process Tomography Quality System - Measurements and Reconstructions

P8        Jelle van der Horst and Jeroen Kalkman (Delft Univ. of Technology)

            Image Resolution and Deconvolution in Optical Tomography

P9        Arkadiusz Kuś, Julianna Kostencka (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)

            Object Rotation Diffraction Tomography Using a Digital Holographic Microscope

P10      Mariusz Rząsa, Anita Sowa-Watrak (Opole Univ. of Technology)

            Concept to Improve Quality X-Ray Images

P11      Wojciech Krauze, Arkadiusz Kuś, Małgorzata Kujawińska (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)

            Enhanced Preprocessing of Data in Limited Angle Optical Diffraction Tomography

P12      Jacek Kryszyn, Waldemar Smolik (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)

            Ectsim 3.0 - Matlab Toolkit for 3d Electrical Capacitance Tomography